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Shemale Kimber James as a blondeKimber James is smoking hot. Anyone that loves hot shemales knows this. Today she’s doing a picture gallery where she looks as beautiful as ever. You’ve probably seen her as a brunette before but it’s possible this is the first time you’ve seen her as a blonde. It’s a look that really works for the sexy shemale pornstar and those big tits riding high on her chest sure do look good in the black satin bra she’s wearing. There’s also a black ruffled skirt and some highly alluring heels that scream “fuck me!”

She’s standing on the deck of a lovely home and the view behind her is an impressive one. She must be up on a hillside. Anyway, the view you’re really going to appreciate is the one of her big tits and her plump tranny lips that would give you the hottest blowjob ever. Today she’s solo and the sun is shining and giving her body a lovely natural look. She is a tempting tranny goddess and her striptease will reveal big breasts and a marvelously thin body.

It seems like maybe she’s had her breasts re-enhanced. They actually look a little bit bigger. Her legs look as long and lovely as usual and her ass is phenomenal. She is an inspiration to us all and she will be sure to leave you aroused and thinking of the many ways you’d like to fuck her. I’m quite fond of the way her long wavy hair falls across her breasts. It gently brushes the nipples and it probably makes them feel all sensitive and sexy. We like that about her.

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Kimber James strip teasingKimber James is a hot shemale pornstar and today she’s giving us a special shemale striptease treat. Most of the time Kimber is a brunette but she’s dyed her hair blonde and it looks just as sexy and sensual as you would expect. Now she looks like a true pornstar slut with the big tits, the tight body and the little cock between her legs. Her lips are plump and glossy so you’re going to see them and think about oral sex. Just imagine what it would be like to have Kimber sucking your cock! That would feel so fucking good!

In the gallery she’s wearing a green bra to hold in her big tits and a cute pair of panties to hold in her cock. There’s a sheer white shirt that’s been unbuttoned and tied under her tits and the softness of the material is what makes it so arousing. Kimber eventually strips and then the gallery is all about appreciating her hot ass and her little cock. She’s the kind of shemale that’s usually on the bottom because she’s so feminine she prefers to take it like a girl. She has a dildo to play with during the gallery and after sucking it a little to get it wet she introduces it to her asshole and fucks it deep. It slides in with ease and should leave you moaning because you want to see more or you just want to fuck her ass.

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Blonde shemale modeling her assholeDamn Camila Saenz looks elegant. She’s in her living room and it looks like she just got home from a date. Perhaps she’s getting ready to go on a date or perhaps she’s already on the date with you, the man holding the camera. She’s wearing a tiny black skirt and an off the shoulder red top that exposes the tops of her rather large breasts. When she spreads her legs we get a great shot of her panties and the bulge of her cock. The panties are a little bit shiny and I can feel myself drooling as I check her out.

Eventually she starts to strip, which is how every good date should end. First she lets one of her balls slide out of the underwear; it’s a little bit flirty and a lot sexy. Then she takes off most of her clothing with the exception of her bra and panties. Her tits look fantastic when she finally takes off her bra; they’re so perky I just want to get in there and have a few licks. She also models her asshole for us; don’t you want to stuff your dick in there? Go ahead, have a look and remember that you can see more of her at Shemale Club.

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Shemale Mel Voguel pounded by a thick black cockMel Voquel is a blonde shemale hottie and it’s fucking fabulous to watch her get fucked by a big black cock in this gallery from Interracial Tgirl Sex. Her tits are quite big and round while the rest of her body is incredibly slim and tight. She might very well be perfect and watching this shemale getting pounded by this thick black fuck meat while her boobs bounce is the pleasure of a lifetime. She can take cock with the best of them and they try a few different positions so we can really appreciate just how sexy she is. I like it when she is on her back getting slammed and stroking her cute shemale dick.

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Candi Lovedoll as a shemale bunnyHave you met this new tranny Candi Lovedoll yet? If not then the time is now because this beautiful tgirl is putting on a wonderful show in a hot solo tranny picture gallery. The set is in celebration of Easter and if you know Candi then you’re aware of her love for costumes. Whenever a holiday rolls around she likes to get dressed up and even if it isn’t a particular season she still likes to put on something naughty. Roleplay is one of her favorite things to do and in this foxy tranny photo gallery she’s playing the Easter Shemale Bunny, sort of.

It’s sort of the Easter Bunny mixed with a maid and then the gallery shifts to her wearing some slutty, shiny clothes in the second half. Anyway, in the first half the blonde tranny is wearing a pink latex dress, bunny ears, a little lace apron and white stockings with pink high heels. She looks unbelievably hot, to be honest, and I can’t imagine that you won’t be thinking about plugging that tight tranny asshole with your cock when you see her prancing around. When she takes off her panties and climbs up on the table for shots of her ass from behind she’s practically offering her butt for banging.

As I mentioned the second half of the gallery features a new outfit. This time it’s a skintight shiny silver top and a skintight pink latex skirt. Once again she’s wearing a thong and once again she can’t wait to take it off. As soon as she gets naked she wants to flash her balls and dick and asshole at us. It looks good enough to eat and then fuck and fill with hot cum. See more of Candi Lovedoll at her brand new solo site. Wouldn’t you love to load this sexy tgirl slut with your jizz? 😉

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Shemale sucking cock in 69 positionIn this lovely gallery brought to you by Latina Tranny the hardcore fun starts with a sixty nine. The beautiful tranny is on her back and the young man she’s with is on top, guiding his cock into her mouth. We see pictures of them both going at it; how great would it be to be in that room stroking your cock while these two go at it? The sucking goes on for quite a while but it’s not the be all, end all of this hot gallery. No, the tranny wants to fuck some tight ass and there’s only one in the room.

After the oral exchange she has him get on his hands and knees and she gets behind him and guides her lovely shemale cock into his ass. They take a few shots of her banging him and then they switch things up. We never actually get to see him fuck her; he just rubs his dick around her asshole and then we move on to more oral sex. His primary job is to get her off and he uses his mouth to bring about that result.

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Shemale Yeiydi licking a huge cockThe beautiful blonde shemale Yeiydi is wearing a white corset top and a pair of white stockings attached to the corset. She’s bent over at the waist and she’s holding her ass cheeks apart so her boyfriend can slide his dick into her shemale ass with ease. He pumps her tight hole and his meat is so big that he can’t even fit the entire thing inside her. What a lucky dude he is! When she flips over on her backside there’s a great shot of her ass stuffed with his cock while her own rock hard dick bounces. Now that’s entertainment!

After the anal is over he pulls out, takes his condom off and basically feeds his cock to her. She gives his fat dick a hot blowjob, sucking his sensitive head while stroking the shaft with her talented hands.

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I was dying to come, so I asked the shemale whether she could suck me at the meantime. She slip down under me, and just grabbed my member with her mouth

Our new forum member who calls himsels BigBell609 has recently visited Moscow and obviously had some fun time with Russian shemale escorts. Now he wants to share the juicy details of his fun time in Moscow. I know, you’re going to like that 😉


The first day, I was with my Russian friend, who introduced to me the Russian shemale escort. Since I know he is a big fan of shemales, so I wasn’t shy of asking him about shemale escorts in Russia. He called in a shemale escort for me rightaway. I was staying in a hotel in downtown Moscow. Since my company paid for the expenses, I was staying at a quite nice 5-star hotel.

Soon (about forty minutes later), someone was knocking on the door. Then came in this astonishingly good looking lady. My friend talked to her briefly in Russian. Then he turned to me asked me to give her $$$ (apparently she did not ask for Russian money), which I happily complied. My friend waved to me goodbye and he went out of the door. To tell you the truth, I was extremely nervous. I have been to other shemale escorts before in the States, and not being this nervous. In fact, if some of you have read my other post, you know I had a shemale girlfriend a few years ago. Well, maybe because I was in a foreign country.

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Anna Alexandre in a schoolgirl outfit

Shemale Anna Alexandre strips from her sexy schoolgirl costume. She’s not wearing any panties under her skirt which allows you to see her delectable dick!

Shemale Anna Alexandre posing in a schoolgirl outfitI have mixed feelings about today’s gallery, after all the tgirl featured there, Anna Alexandre, is not with us anymore… But boy, does she look beautiful in this gallery! When was the last time you saw a tranny this beautiful? Have you ever seen a tranny that looks like Anna? In this gallery from Shemale Club she’s turning up the heat by posing in a beautiful schoolgirl outfit, and I do believe it’s one of her best sets. Her top is sheer and it lets us see her lovely tits underneath. She’s also wearing a short plaid skirt and a sexy pair of white knee high stockings. The outfit is finished off with a pair of ruby red shoes.

Anna is pretty much perfect looking and I can say with certainty that she’s one of the most beautiful shemales in such a sexy costume. She’s sitting on the stairs in her cute little outfit and she starts to strip for us, which is the point of a gallery like this. We want to see this cutie in the buff! Eventually everything but the skirt comes off and she’s not wearing any panties underneath it so we get a glimpse of her cute and delectable shemale cock

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Blonde shemale gets fucked in the assToday’s gellery is presented to You by Shemale Mov, the site that gets featured here quite often. Seriously, there are lots of shemale video sites out there but few present you with the volume and quality that Shemale Mov does.

Today’s video gallery is a great example of what they provide for you (of course, their videos are higher resolution than these samples). The scene stars a sexy blonde shemale and it begins with her posing in a sexy bikini. She’s doing a sensual dance as the camera zooms in on her shemale tits. She pinches her nipples and smiles brightly. From the first moment you see her it’s clear that this is going to be a fun scene. The second video clip shows the blonde shemale getting a blowjob from her man. He sucks cock awfully well and the big erection she has seems to indicate she’s having a good time.

The oral sex is his way of warming her up for further, naughtier play. He puts on a condom to be safe and then slides into her asshole. She’s mostly hairless down there so we have a great, unencumbered view of her shemale butt being fucked! They begin in the spooning position and then she gets on her back and starts stroking her cock while he fucks her ass. He really gives it to her hard, driving his cock balls deep while she looks down at her dick and moans for him to fuck her harder. I’m telling you, Shemale Mov is full of movies just like this one and they update every three days with a fresh scene. What shemale fan wouldn’t want a membership? Go visit them now!