Some New Sex Positions To Try

Read about these hot sex position and be sure to give them a try – you are going to love it!

Most everybody knows the sex positions, so why read this? Well there maybe a few that you don’t know or some that you may can improve on. Read on and you will be pleased with what you learn. New things are essential to keeping your sex life alive. Don’t fall into the rut of the same ole position and technique night after night. Here are some sex positions that might help spice up your intimate life, and, although there were originally intended for sex between a male and a female, with a little imagination you can apply this to a shemale sex as well. Enjoy!

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Tips for choosing the right condom

Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the right condom and get the most out of it

A number of different types of condoms are now available for choosing and ordering online, they’re usually made of latex or polyurethane (although more exotic ones, such as made of lambskin can be found too). Here are some tips to help you choose and order the right condom online and get the most comfort and security out of it.

With dozens of sizes, styles, shapes and features to choose from in online shops, the right condom for each person and situation does exist. Try different styles and find what suits you and your partner the best. Generally, you should go for a latex condom, as they are slightly more reliable, and most readily available in online shops. Latex condoms can only be used with water-based lube. A small number of people have an allergic reaction to latex and can use polyurethane condoms instead.

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8 tips for tgirls: how to strip for your lover

If you are a girl or a tgirl, these tips will help you strip for your lover

Usually we post stuff for guys at Transladyboy, but since there are many tgirls and girls reading our blog, this post would be especially for them. After all, what can be sexier for a guy than his lover who knows her way with undressing. 😉

First remember the beauty of stripping for you lover is the fact that you are not a professional. You are not some kind of a celebrity that they are afraid to touch. You are alive and they care for you, so let your guard down and take it off! Here are step by step instructions to stripping for your lover. Good luck!

  • First things first, you have to have music. Our bodies naturally want to move and sway with the help of music. So pick up some seductive, yet slow music and turn it up! You want to pick something with a slower tempo and practice with the rhythm to get a grove for taking your clothes off to the beat of the music. You are not in a race; you don’t want something too fast that would defeat the purpose. Slow down – nice and easy!
  • For the outer layer of clothing, pick something that you would wear on a daily basis. No not your sweats, something that you would wear to the office or dinner. This layer does not have to be “skimpy”, save that for the next layer!
  • Pick some lingerie that you are comfortable in. You must feel good about yourself or your strip tease act will not go as well as planned! You want to feel sexy, try out the garter belt and stockings, it really adds to the show!
  • Strut out of the bathroom and glide over to the music and press play. Dim the lights if possible – it helps set the mood. Let your hair down and run your fingers through it or whip it around a bit.
  • Unbutton a couple of buttons on your shirt while dancing around. Flash your lover with a sneak peak of the underneath and then close your blouse again. Begin slowly unbuttoning your blouse and then give it a toss and drape it across your lover.
  • Turn around and dance shaking your bottom, then give a sneak peak by raising your skirt. Turn back around and lose the skirt. Dance for a bit allowing your lover to enjoy your sexy lingerie.
  • Continue until you are down to your stockings, garter belt and heels. Dance around a bit, making your lovers mouth water! Go over to your lover and tease a bit by giving a lap dance. Straddle your lover and dance around them.
  • Finally take it all off and well you can figure out the rest!

Improve Your Sex Life: Play Dress-Up

If you want to improve your sex life, dressing up with you partner can give you a great excitement

Have you ever played dress up with your partner? There are a number of ways to dress seductively without breaking your pocket book. If nothing else you can prance around in your swimwear, modeling it for your mate. Do a little dance and make sure that you show how your back end fills out the small bikini bottom! Swimwear is generally skimpy enough to do the trick and get your partner’s heart a pounding. If you are looking for something a little more risque than try out lingerie!

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The Use of Sexual Enhancements

The things that can help you make your sex life better

It is no big mystery that over time sex can get boring. There are so many things that can help you spice up your sex life and we are going to reveal them today. Granted sex is physical but you also can use your mind to help improve your sex life. Exercise mentally will lead to great sex. Visualization is a great one. Everyone has fantasies so sit back and imagine what ever your fantasy is and with whomever and let your mind wander. There are also many types of sexual enhancements that you can use to add that little extra excitement that your sex life has been lacking.

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Improve Sex With Visualization

If you want ho have better sex, visualization is a great way to stimulate your brain and prepare you for a wonderful intimate encounter

Everyone knows that sex feels great. Part of what feels so great is the fact of knowing that your partner is totally into you and visualizing the two of you together. After spending all day together and playing little cat and mouse games you can assure that the sex will be out of this world. Just as there are physical preparations that make your encounter special, there are also mental preparations that you can make.

First, you can start by revving up your engine by preparing your mind. You can do this by thinking about your encounter, imagining positions and how good you will feel. Imagine the setting, smells and the soft music playing in the background. Imagine how you will talk to your partner, what you will do, and what she will say. This can not only get you in the mood, but also get you ready for a great experience.

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3, 120 torrent users busted for downloading Avatar XXX 3D illegally.

3, 120 torrent users who allegedly downloaded the porn remake of Avatar are getting sued.

The news came out last Sunday that Larry Flynt Publications sued 3, 120 BitTorrent users who illegally downloaded Hustler‘s “This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D”. So far, this suit is the second largest in terms of numbers of users sued over porn thievery with the largest suit having as many as 5, 011 people who allegedly downloaded and distributed the heavily pirated celebrity sex tape “Danielle Staub Raw.”

This news made me wondering how many of Internet surfers watch stolen porn videos from time to time. We reassure You that Your vote will be totally anonymous and no bits of information will be stored at our servers in regards to Your voting, including your IP address. See our Privacy Policy for details.


Selling Your penis? Don’t get ripped off.

Thinking of selling your penis and looking for an appraisal?? Look no farther, You can get an accurate appraisal now.

It’s not April 1-st today, but this site I’ve accidentally found today made me ROTFL. These guys seem to be running an appraisal service, but they appraise not usual boring things such as value of internet sites or businesses , but dicks, no less. They’re quite serious about it though, and they even brag about having appraised dicks of such celebrities as Tom Cruise and Sarah Palin (?).

Out of curiosity I got an appraisal for my own dick and the number was a pleasant surprise, but i won’t tell you how much exactly it was worth 😉 Instead I’ll run an anonymous poll for everyone and eventually vote on it too.

So, find out the value of your dick at Sell Your Penis dot com and post the results here.


Has the financial crisis influenced You?

Did your life change because of the global crisis? Has it affected your personal finances? Discuss it here.

Today i’m going to deviate from our usual subject and discuss something else than beautiful ladyboys. From what i hear it seems that this frigging crisis has hit pretty much everyone’s wallet and many of my friends had to change their life plans to adapt to new situation.

What about You? Have you been touched by the deadly breath of the global financial crisis? Please discuss.