Ladyboy dicklet

Pretty Asian ladyboy with slim body, long dark hair and a small lovely dicklet. If you love ladyboy micro penises, this one will turn you on!

Tiny dick of an Asian ladyboyI understand not all of You guys love big shemale cocks. If you remember the poll that i started over a year ago (about the perfect size of a shemale dick), many guys opted for dicks that are less than average in size. Well, this is exactly something you’re going to see tonight, a ladyboy with a small wee-wee.

This tgirl surely looks cute, with her slim body and long dark hair. Her bush is a little too hairy though (i’d prefer her to have it trimmed), but who cares about that is she has one of the loveliest dicklets out there. Watch her jerking it off for you, it would be so fucking great to help her handle her boner (btw, did you know that small dicks can be much harder than bigger ones, because they need less blood for that). And, the most pleasant part is that if you wanted to give her a blowjob, you could take all her tackle in your mouth and play with it as long as you wanted.

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